Starting in Zurich, Major Bueno meets the physicist, astronomer and sound artist Dragica Kahlina at her favorite trainstation Stadelhofen, also known as "giant whale". On the way to Lake Zurich the first game idea pops up already: the player must somehow trick a cafe owner - without ordering new drinks - to be able to sit there for as long as possible. Dragica knows this well, in Zurich, she often works in cafes.
After the obligatory stop at Lake Zurich, it's time to get coffee. Warm and well fed, the idea is developed further. In all possible directions.
After the typical visit to the old town, Dragica takes her guests to the less touristy corner of Zurich. From the container tower of the Freitag shop you can have a really good view.

Station 1 of the trip is a success, after 48 hours the game is done. Which idea was going to be realised in the end? At least this much can be said: Bene played a new instrument: the Eigenharp!

Click here to play the game.

7. jan / Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich ist past, off to Milan! Stop no2 of the Tour Bueno. Major Bueno will meet Pietro Righi Riva of Santa Ragione. Shortly after arrival, Pietro takes the group to the historic center of Milan, to show how fast Milanese People walk. Passing the Dome, famous Opera La Scale, getting caught in busy roads. Highspeed Sightseeing - just right for the short stay.
The next day starts with brainstorming an idea for the game. Pietro picked a place for that which is very important for him: the Villa Affori in his neighborhood. The Villa is a good source for historic and fantastic stories to use for a game. A detailed historic research in the public library, which the villa hosts nowadays, guides Pietro and Major Bueno towards an idea for the game.
During the game jam Major Bueno very much enjoys the hospitality and the the culinary artistry of Pietro. Overcoming small technical problems on the way Pietro and Major Bueno succeed in creating a poetic game, which is of personal value for Pietro and will hopefully help to make the beautiful Villa more widely known by the games historic references.
Having enjoyed real Italian Pasta and a Milanese Schnitzel, it is time for Major Bueno to head on to Stop no 3: Vienna!

Click here to play the game.

11. jan / Milano


Leaving Milan - off to Vienna! At station three of Tour Bueno Major Bueno meets Broken Rules: 4 game developers - Clemens, Felix, Jan and Peter.
New city, new sights: St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Hofburg are only short stops on the way to Danube Canal. Actually, Broken Rules are big fans of nature which is what they portraited in their game Raetikon. By the Danube River you can find a lot of grafitti -  which becomes the initial inspiration for a game about painting.
The fear of "too many cooks spoiling the broth" is quickly turned into a virtue of the game: as part of the concept, each artist helping out with the game jam, sticks to its indivudal style. The layout of the game is inspired by the boors of the grafitti scene who simply spray or tag over other peoples work. Broken Rules and Major Bueno dislike this behaviour, still it becomes the mechanism of the game "Ubermaler". After three joyful and creative days in Vienna it is time to say goodbye travelling on to Lodz!

Click here to play the game.

16. Jan / Vienna, Austria


From Vienna Major Buenoe travels on towards Lodz, where „jack-of-all-trades“ Luke Spierewka is waiting for them. Together with him and his housemate Bart - Major Bueno discovers the rough beauty of Lodz. Old churches, very long shopping streets and a half heartedly torn down former hotel offer enought stories for a new game.
Cafe Yellow in the cultural center „Off-Pietrowska“ houses the efficient brainstorming which lasts a few moments to sketch out the idea: The former hotel and a lift will play an important role.
Luke and his housemate form an efficient team: a few hours after the game jam started there is a first playable version of the game. Plenty of time left for polishing graphics and physics of the game and even have a research trip testing the elevator music in the actual elevator. Luke, Bart and Major Bueno haven’t had a similarly smooth game jam yet. Still it’s time to move on to Nowy Tomysl.

Click here to play the game.

20. Feb / Lodz, Poland

Nowy Tomysl

After Lodz, the second station in Poland: Nowy Tomysl. In a small town in the west of Poland lives the Game Designer Sos Sosowski - famous for his speed-world-rescue game McPixel. His hometown is quickly explored - one highlight: an oversized wicker basket - the region is famous for its wicker products.
At the danw of the day the brainstorming in a mystical and atmospheric forest turns into a wild ride through game genres and themes. At the official start of the Game Jam only fragments are clear, starting 48 hours of creative chaos. Starting point: Film Noir. Well fed and strengthened by a homemade Polish dish named "Bigos", Sos and Major Bueno add a long night full of intense work and discussions to their second Polish game jam. In the end it's all good: what seemed like creative chaos was turned into a unique game and once again it's time to say goodbye. Next stop: Berlin!

Click here to play the game.

25. Jan / Nowy Tomysl, Poland


After almost one week in Poland it is time to travel back to Germany. Berlin calling!  Here Major Bueno will meet Franziska Zeiner a game designer who likes to reflect on digital selfdepiction in her games – as she did in her game „Social me“.  She chose a very Berlin-like place for the brainstorming: a Café full of people enjoying free wifi.  Franziska only recently moved from New York to Berlin so she is not so familiar with its geography yet, but is very much curious about the love-life in Berlin. Not a surprise that Major Bueno and Franziska end up doing a game which is both: reflection on selfdepiction and on love life in Berlin. After a long theoretical discussion of love life, a topic literally everyone can share to discuss, the idea for the game is set.... But will everybody be happy with the final outcome?

Click here, to play the game.

29. Jan / Berlin, Germany


Berlin-Kopenhagen, the navset keeps warning: „route contains ferry connection“ - a nice change for Major Bueno on their way to meeting the German Henrike Lode. She is known for her educational, but entertaining games.
Her hometown Kopenhagen is famous for its maritime trade, the best way to start a city tour is thus by boat. Henrike and Major Bueno head towards Copenhagen’s most famous sight: the mermaid. Selfie with mermaid shot, it is time to settle in a cafe and start some serious brainstorming. This time the brainstorming is approached with a special technique….
Living abroad Henrike values friendship very highly. No wonder the theme of friendship, but also love of adventures, adrenaline and fear will play an important part in the 7th Game Jam of the Tour Bueno. And then the journey continues: Major Bueno is off to Amsterdam!

Click here, to play the game.

2. Feb / Copenhagen, Denmark


From Kopenhagen Major Bueno travels further to Amsterdam. Built on wooden stilts Amsterdam is famous for its canals, Bikes and brick buildings. Adriaan de Jongh lives in the city center. A game-designer with very fluffy hair, he is famous for the game „Fingle“. He considers games a means to put people in unusual social interactions. That will be the aim of the brainstorming which Adriaan and Major Bueno start walking through Vondelpark where the two travelers will have a very Dutch experience.

Back at his very tiny apartment the idea for a very tiny game is born - „The Petit Prix“. The next day - only a few hours into the game jam - Adriaan and Major Bueno travel on to Antwerpen where Adriaan is giving a talk at the Indie-Game-Festival Screenshake. Talk done, they continue the game jam creating the tiny game in the middle of a crowd of visitors to the festival. How will these experts of gaming enjoy their game?

Click here, to play the game.

7. Feb / Amsterdam, Netherlands


After the station Amsterdam / Antwerp next stop for Major Bueno is Paris.
Away from croissants, baguettes and café au lait there is a a vibrant and innovative gaming scene to discover . A key driver Tatiana Vilela. She is known for developing their own controler.  An exciting aspect for brainstorming which Major Bueno and Tatiana discuss at the Game Space in Gaîté Lyrique. Inspired by a carousel in front of the city hall of Paris, they continued to spin the threads of association. Tatiana questioned again and again the function of the console. At the end, they manage to combine the controler and their game "snailed it" in a very special way. And not only that, the players will come closer, in a game that reflects Tatiana’s own Paris.

Click here to play the game.

12. Feb / Paris, France


From Guildford Major Bueno travels to its ultimate stop of Tour Bueno: Cumbria.

Here they will meet Ed Key. Having done Proteus, a game about nature, it is no surprise, that Ed lives in a small cottage in a very remote area by the English Lake District. Ed takes takes Major Bueno for a Hiking Trip at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve. The landscape has a rough beauty and still they expect a very calm, maybe windy, but surely quiet day. Instead Ed and Major Bueno are facing a rather adventurous day in nature. Which will help to develop a game idea. Ed helped planting trees at Eycott Hill, which will also be part of the game.

After seven weeks of travelling almost 6000 kilometers around Europe, Major Bueno is enjoying the calm stay in Eds cottage, which will be reflected in the game. A relaxing time before they head back to Germany. And that's it: Tour Bueno is over.

Click here to play the game.

21. Feb / Cumbria, UK